LIRCbar is a small app that runs in your Mac's menu bar allowing easy access to your infrared remotes through your lirc_web installation.

LIRCbar Example

LIRC is a Linux package that allows you to record and transmit infrared signals. Setting up LIRC on a Raspberry Pi is a fun DIY home automation project.


This application is still in beta, so please contact me with your suggestions, feedback, and bugs.

When I find time I'd like to add the ability to rename remotes and keys or pull the labels from lirc_web's config if possible.


  • Server running lirc_web
  • Mac OSX El Capitan


Download v0.1

Installation and Setup

Extract LIRCbar and drag it into your Applications folder. Launch the app and enter your lirc_web installation URL in the settings. This will probably look something like

LIRCbar Settings

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Sutherland Boswell

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